Sunday, October 23, 2011

Desire to re-live..

2011 my first blog post in the year.

Writing seems to be a healing therapy for me.Every time I write something it spells out my grief and I feel relaxed.I have just come back from the roller-coaster ride of 'True Love' yes the 2009 'Serendepity' continued till now and each day I went in deep waters to know the beauty of it but the ending is still not perfect and the reciprocation is still awaited with the hand of hope.

Thoughts in my mind now...just too many clashing with each other to fight and win over one another.No calmness . Some hope.And blink in my eyes.

Some thoughts provoke to get rid from the passion of love but then the mind-setter announces again 'Love is once' and I re-think of going back..

Happiness has a two-way supply just like love...if one stop other dies.Wishing for miracles as I am penning down my thoughts a strong thought is coming out which screams in my head 'Get back your hope' but mind says 'Cry like a river then build a bridge to get over it' .Now stuck between the heart and mind both are mine still so different..they fight with each other but then they complete me of who I am..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Feeling Factory !

I look outside the window and see lush green grove of tall mango trees.Its like a musical orchestra where sound made by birds,squirrels,cats and rats give a start to a rainy day. As we wait for the sun to come it reminds me of the cursings my friends and I use to give in summer for scotchy heat and making difficult for us to survive .But, as said ‘absence make you grow fonder’.It really makes me miss the sun !

Coming out in the balcony gives me cold breeze on my face, and make moment light.Green is hence the colour of peace. Green Peace \m/. As I stand and enjoy in my balcony I get all the green sustainable ideas and then I realize how lucky I am to live in a green and clean environment.This gives me a ticker to work with a organization that take care of the environment externally and internally. When on job search most of your thoughts are job-driven!

Watery blue sky up above me which gradually looks like bright white.Gives a perfect rainbow of Green and White colour.Playing with colours I think is the best things after photography to express your emotions. I feel like clicking now and capturing all the thoughts but I am in short of a good digi cam.Plan to buy a Nikon D 90 once my job is there.Wish I had one now , coz now I have ample to time to experiment and learn.

The rain starts and with a wish to a cup of Capachhino and a novel to read I move into the room and proceed to my main door.I take my rolling chair that dad got me last month and pull it outside to sit and enjoy the rain with the novel only.Reading is the best therapy to happiness or to extend happiness. As I read, I hear voice of a flute like voice from the plants by the rolling chair. I struggle to find out what it is.It shows me a baby bird ..which looks incredibly cute and thrilled or shocked to see me. Fascinated with the view I realize she needs help.As I try and get the things to help the baby bird my mom inquires and share a fact ,if a human touches a bird then the mother of that bird kill the child herself.This is not what I want !! So, I look for a way out and finally get papers, a piece of bread for her to eat and a box where she can live comfortably.

The baby bird struggles to walk and I see she has a hurt feet and its making very difficult for her.My excitement rises what the next move would be? Then I remember a Khushwant Singh story where Grandma use to sit in the balcony and wait for the birds to come and feed them. After a time, grandma dies and bird keep coming. The story was something like this. Literature is actually the best thing that gives voices to human feelings.

My view got interrupted as I had to take my sis and drop her and some house chores my mom assingned.When I came back home, the baby bird was missing and it troubled me but it did taught me a lesson or I should say I got a very short slide show of a human struggle in life. Sometimes in life realization of feelings make u realize what u should do next in life! This is feeling factory ! J

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Girl Power Quotes

I love quotes and follow them very generously ! I like them a lot and they make me feel great when I am low and I think I should be sharing this with all my readers and at least for girls! Girls get emotionally too struck..this is what I think but you know what a simple thought can help you come out of any problem! So, here's all for u :)

#To make your attitude grow stronger girls !

1. 'I don't have attitude problem ,you have perception problem.'

2. 'Don't regret doing things, regret being caught.'

3. 'Sugar and Spice and Everything nice but if you mess with me better think twice.'

4. 'The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.'

5. 'When someone steels your man,there is no better revenge than letting her keep him.'

#To give you the motivation to move on !

1. 'If you don't pull yourself out of the slump,no-one will.'

2. 'All that matters in life is Love and Work.'

3. 'First step to getting over someone is not to think of that person at all. If you can't, don't bother trying.'

4. 'Never regret something that made you smile!'

5. ' If you love me, let me know. If not, please gently let me go.'

6.'' Ladies.. always remember: "You should have a guy that makes you feel happier, not upset!"

7. 'I’m sincere to you, doesn’t mean I must sacrifice every single thing in my life for you.'

8. 'Everything we think, everything we're feeling, is creating our future. '

9. 'Moving on might hurts. But.. "Being stuck is even worse!" Let's go! '

10. 'Sometimes crying is the only thing that helps, all you have to do is let go'

11. ' Don't keep running back to the one person that you need to walk away from. '

12. 'Some ppl make ur life better just by walking into it. Others make ur life better by walking out of it'

13.' If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it'

14. 'Never let your tears and sensitivity blind you. If someone hurt you, they showed you who they are. Move on, stay strong!'

# To make you learn about what men are!?

1.'The only guy you need in your life is the one that proves that he needs you in his.'

2.'Men are cruel but man is kind.'

3. 'Men are honest liars.'

4.'Men play the game; women know the score.'

5. 'Signs u're falling in love: You'll read his texts over and over again.'

6. 'There are 2 words guys hate: Don't and Stop. Unless, those words are spelled together'

Ok more to come !!! Till then keep it up n have fun !!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Online Attendance!

Gtalk Present!,FB Present! ,Twitter Present!,Linked In Present! ,Orkut Present ,ALWAYS!! Isn't this same in your case as well ? Social Networking is such a buzz word that gmail got inspired and launched a twitter like but beyond 140 char limit 'BUZZ' where u can buzzzZZZzzz! Phew, I used it but it didn't impress me much.

Every day we wake up ,log in to internet -Check our mailbox.Find 4 useful mail , 8 FB messages ,5 Linked In Invitation,6 twitter follow ups et al! And, then the day begins.The G colors begin to hypnotize you -Blue T ,Red A, Yellow L and Green K ! The vibrant colors tempt you to colour online existence with Busy Red,Available Green and Idle Orange which is like a circuit of anytime bomb! Bhudaaaam! And,phata poster nikla status message! [Excuse me for bad pj :P ] With type of Zodiac signs and stars planetary arrangements change the status message.In a day you at least find one suitable msg to think you apart from the world. I support my above description with an example.

Example: A cancerian .The 4th zodiac sign of all.Its characteristics are ,they are moody,caring,impulsive. Now a cancerian will log in gtalk color bandwidth. And starts processing what all happening around them . Now, observe the status messages of a cancerian in a day how it changes and shows u its true traits!

At 11 am : 'Headache :( got up late !' [Cancerians accept as things are]

At 11:25 am : 'ye ye going for a shopping! expect to get bottle green kurta'

At 3:45 pm : 'woooow got my bottle green kurta +earrings+an amaaazzziiing shoppping!'

At 3:59 pm : ' is getting bored :('

At 4:20 pm : 'wants to go outside n have fun! ' [I sometimes find cancerians annoying !]

At 4:23 - 5:45 pm : Gtalk Idle Orange ! [too many hits come but no response]

At 5:45 pm : ' feeling sleepy ZZzzzzZZ'

At 7:pm : [gtalk frustrates the cancerian,finally!] so no status!

At 8:30 pm : a social cause message pops up in the mind of the Cancerians ! [the care part!]

***Example over ***

haha* 10 times you understand how Gtalk colors help and exhibit characteristics of a person and moods!

Finally, story takes a turn when exams really urgent work comes up and online presence is made invisible :) but Online existence is what you see everywhere,anywhere.Its well equipped world of BlackBerry Aka BB , E 72 ,I phone ,Google Phone or even a cell phone ranging from Rs5000 has it all!! Even if u r tuck in mountain n want help u can go to internet browser in your cellphone n yell out for help ! The only drawback is , till ppl rush in to u by commenting on your status and asking details then and there , u will have high chances of updating your status message to ' I am dying ,bbye folks its my last status update!'

So , online presence has become more of an indulgence than anything in this world ! Not better to name it for any human 'Rab ne bana di jori'!

May this internet live forever n ever :) A boost for u all to comment in here! ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Look Sharp, Live Smart

Hi folks,

I have been away from blogging for a few months now. And,to do a confession I always thought how bore and pseudo my post are, I mean they are just negative.Nobody told me this, its my analysis.After analysis, I thought lets adopt change and post something that makes more sense to others and is useful and is more fun !

The good thing is circumstances supported me for the change I wanna bring ! I logged in to this morning ,coz I was getting bored and wanted to try n do something new basically do something expressive.I logged in and got this new template designer.I wanted to change the template as well -that rusty brown which was very personalized and shadowy template and it was all about mourn.So , I picked two template to choose from -One was Rain Droplets from Awesome.Inc and other was from Picture section -this Art based template .Which I picked and applied because now I want to talk about my hobbies ,interests, traveling,cities,books, philosophy and on some real good experiences of life!

I am happy about it ! And, the tag words are 'Look Sharp,Live Smart! LoL some fundas to start with :P

Friday, March 26, 2010

Adieu from ME to U

I really don't feel emotional right now ..I am hurt but I am happy to be free and live for myself entirely once again. Its not at all my cup of tea.I give up with all my will. I can't carry on with something that dosent give me my basic respect n some care . I believe there are lot more people around me , who know me from years or just met 2 months back ,they love me for what I am. And, I love the way they love me !

I seriously have no views to share , I am happy to end it. Life has more to give me in coming days in terms of career,family,friends. I am waiting to live it up all ! Hardwork in the process,will bring results for me :)

It can be one situation that I might miss but u have left with enough memories to dislike u and I will use them to delete u ,rather than restoring u!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Deja Vu

Rings after Rings , giggles after giggles ,and endless soothing chats with no specific motive is one of the most fantastic ride , a person can get with a person u want to be. We all go through this. I've left my footprints and I don't want to leave any.

Damn ! I get the same thing as I got couple of years back , this time it seems more ugly but comfortable coz probably I m use to this type of situation .But, how long will I be vulnerable to this kind of situation? I mean c'mon I need to make my life stable n beautiful I can't be a shit pot for anybody , thinking they are good to me and live life for me!?!

The recent experience has left me numb but mood swings , and ego are popping out every second. I can't understand this and I don't want to discuss this entire thing either because it makes me feel ugly and I look down upon myself!

I blve I live a great life, with my wonderful parents n extended family and who can forget the amazing friends I've got ..they make my life live better. Do I really need a special someone to react ,second time? Probably, when everybody is busy with their significant I would want to. But, I am probably not the right person to get along normally with anyone.Quiet a demanding and execptional case I am .

I m a perfect crab. Hard outer shell and soft inner side.The one who understands my best ingredients will get my love.Or else I will go to the one , my parents ask me to.I am certainly not a metrosexual female .I am a feminist and am happy being by what I am supposed to be.I would be India's exeptional businesswoman who can't be tied with strings with anyone.

But, u know somewhere its bad to feel if the past comes back , and this time it has been a photocopy in phokat .Right now, I feel like doing some magic to my cell phone , that it starts buzzing again and things get normal.But, will that make me happy in future. I can't bully anyone.

Saying move on, is the coolest statement but doing that is the next tufff thing after topping maths paper for a commerce grad! Let me say last words...I will move on !